A distinguishing aspect of our team’s approach includes understanding the vision.

Establishing the project vision is a critical foundation that is often overlooked in the design process. Our team has used a distinctive process to engage all the stakeholders in gathering critical information to shape our projects.


Understand the History, people and Culture of your Organization

Identify your true Vision for the project

Utilize an inclusive process to create process Goals and Drivers

Create Timeless Designs that are functional and efficient

Deliver a project that Exceeds Expectations in all areas


We create better places for people to work.  It is our understanding of Workplace Strategy, the collaborative process that we use, and the unwavering commitment we bring to our clients that sets us apart.

 Transparent and ethical interaction with our clients and strategic partners

Develop and nurture longstanding client relationships

 Understand the importance of collaborative work, thorough communication, timely response and attention to detail

Exceed our client’s expectations

 Appreciate the uniqueness of each of our clients and their needs


Design Project Case Study

Ellsworth Block / WESLI

6,000 square feet

Located above Madison’s famed The Old Fashioned on the Capitol Square, Ellsworth Block is a specially designed networking and event space. We were fortunate to be the design team to help refurbish this 150 year old historic space. The transformation included removing 60 tons of demolition material and re-utilization of architecturally important wood and design elements. Structurally, the atrium was re-engineered and the third floor required reinforcement of the floor including leveling. Cheers to all who participated in the revitalization of Ellsworth Block