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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Interior Design

The field of interior design can be divided into various categories based on focus and specialization. The most distinctive contrast is between residential and commercial interior design. Separating the two defined design spaces isn’t as easy as it may appear. Defining Design Spaces Simply stated, residential interior design projects often range from designing the interiors […]


InteriorLOGIC is a commercial-first interior design firm in Madison, WI. Our expertise is in new building construction and planning and existing space renovation. We often get asked about our specialties and our service offering. We’re going to try to deconstruct our capabilities and core competencies to provide a more complete picture of our business. To […]

Workplace Recycling Beyond the Blue Bin

Americans recycle that amount of waste every year, which is actually really great. However, while some people think that whatever is put in the blue bin gets sorted at the facility and is quickly transformed into a renewed, eco-friendly product, the process is a little more complicated.

Construction Updates for Blackhawk Church Fitchburg

We are excited to be part of design team for the new Blackhawk Church in Fitchburg, WI. Over the coming months, we’ll be periodically updating the job progress and cataloging the various stages of the new construction build. Our commercial interiors team is providing the interior finishes and space planning for this new 42,000 square foot […]

Best chairs for your work office

With a typical 5-day work schedule, selecting the right office chair is crucial for your posture and overall spine health. By being aware of your posture during a typical work day, you can refine back pain you are experiencing. Often times, it’s not necessarily the chair that is causing the pain, but rather the lack of proper adjustments. Most office chairs allow you to customize your position, seat height and lumbar support. For those in [...]

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