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Screen Cloaking Glass Technology

Commercial Interior Glass Design Commercial interior glass has been popularized in open office designs. This is nothing new. It allows generous amounts of natural light to permeate offices historically “cubed-in” and creates a task-oriented fish bowl transparency. Managers and co-workers can monitor with hovering. But the growth of digital screens combined with glass-centric designs also […]

Adaptive Workspace Environments for Modern Corporations

Companies continue to focus a great deal of attention on improving workspace environments: open floor plans, formal and informal collaboration spaces, increased natural light, and inspirational common spaces are all incorporated in today’s design practices. And, like all of the other aspects of our lives, technology continues to drive space design. A new generation of […]

Textures – Add A Touch More To Your Design

Designing With Textures Creates Emotional Connection to Space Before we talk about texture and the emotional effects it can evoke in an interior space, let’s quickly review the concept of “elements of design”. To create visually appealing commercial spaces, designers apply various elements – color, shape, texture & pattern, proportion, and light. In the future […]

Space Planning Creates Productive Workplaces

Open office planning has been the preferred workplace design model for more than a decade. Attempting to create seamless communication, idea sharing, and problem solving, the open-plan office melds coffee shop proximity with the tactful dialogue of a butcher shop. And with 70 percent of U.S. offices utlizing an open workspace, the popularity is undeniable. […]

Introducing the color of the year for 2017

Inspired by the shades on nature, PANTONE® introduces the color of 2017.  Greenery is a symbol of new beginnings. It is fresh, revitalizing.  As PANTONE mentiones, it symbolizes connecting back to nature in times of political and social turmoil. You have probably never realized how important the color of the year is.  It inspires everything […]


InteriorLOGIC is a commercial-first interior design firm in Madison, WI. Our expertise is in new building construction and planning and existing space renovation. We often get asked about our specialties and our service offering. We’re going to try to deconstruct our capabilities and core competencies to provide a more complete picture of our business. To […]

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Interior Design

The field of interior design can be divided into various categories based on focus and specialization. The most distinctive contrast is between residential and commercial interior design. Separating the two defined design spaces isn’t as easy as it may appear. Defining Design Spaces Simply stated, residential interior design projects often range from designing the interiors […]

Top 8 Commercial Design Trends for 2017

Our design team is continually seeking out trends that can help define our clients’ space and culture. Each year we look ahead and consider the influences of design trends on commercial interiors for the coming design season. We’ve whittled it down to 8 Commercial Design Trends for 2017. Thematically, 2017 design will incorporate modern, open […]

Trending Now

You have adopted an open, collaborative workplace.  What do you do when your staff have a place to sit, but not a place to store? Consider the ‘Simplicity’ locker system by Muzo.  Lockers can be customized with your corporate branding and are loaded with technology.  They can work with your current ‘access card’ entry system and […]

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