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Corporate Wellness Programs Offer Serious ROI

Access to more information has allowed more people to take a serious interest in their health. They turn over boxes to read nutrition labels, try to limit unhealthy food intake, and enjoy sneaking in exercise when they can – especially weekend walks. In the workplace, where we spend more than half of our waking hours, […]

Reflecting on the Importance of The Workplace

Is the Workplace Dying? Have we reached “peak office” by pushing too hard for remote commuting and flex schedules? Many companies have had recurring conversations about options for their staff. These are usually followed by some survey or other about the rise of flexible working or a case study of a workplace devoid of desks […]

Workspace Matters

How Conference Room Design Affects Business Impression and Meeting Engagement Every business or organization has face-to-face meetings, and where you hold them can influence the success or failure. Here are some pointers on arranging a meeting space that maximizes client and employee attention and comfort. Design decisions subliminally influence people’s experience at work—even their job […]

Happiness in the Workplace

HAPPINESS Improve engagement, productivity, and health by fostering a happier and more meaningful work experience for your employees. Engagement Is More Than Performance Employee engagement is certainly an effective mantra. But, we have to be careful that engagement doesn’t become synonymous with performance. We have to remember that engagement also has an emotional component. We […]

The Surprising Relationship Between Spices and Paint Color

This Artice was originally published in STIR® Spices and paint color — pigment — have an ancient, shared history. Understanding this relationship can help you make more inspired design decisions. By Amanda Lecky   If you’ve ever been inspired by the rich red of cayenne or the intense gold of curry while cooking, you’ve reacted to […]

Screen Cloaking Glass Technology

Commercial Interior Glass Design Commercial interior glass has been popularized in open office designs. This is nothing new. It allows generous amounts of natural light to permeate offices historically “cubed-in” and creates a task-oriented fish bowl transparency. Managers and co-workers can monitor with hovering. But the growth of digital screens combined with glass-centric designs also […]

Adaptive Workspace Environments for Modern Corporations

Companies continue to focus a great deal of attention on improving workspace environments: open floor plans, formal and informal collaboration spaces, increased natural light, and inspirational common spaces are all incorporated in today’s design practices. And, like all of the other aspects of our lives, technology continues to drive space design. A new generation of […]

Textures – Add A Touch More To Your Design

Designing With Textures Creates Emotional Connection to Space Before we talk about texture and the emotional effects it can evoke in an interior space, let’s quickly review the concept of “elements of design”. To create visually appealing commercial spaces, designers apply various elements – color, shape, texture & pattern, proportion, and light. In the future […]

Space Planning Creates Productive Workplaces

Open office planning has been the preferred workplace design model for more than a decade. Attempting to create seamless communication, idea sharing, and problem solving, the open-plan office melds coffee shop proximity with the tactful dialogue of a butcher shop. And with 70 percent of U.S. offices utlizing an open workspace, the popularity is undeniable. […]

Introducing the color of the year for 2017

Inspired by the shades on nature, PANTONE® introduces the color of 2017.  Greenery is a symbol of new beginnings. It is fresh, revitalizing.  As PANTONE mentiones, it symbolizes connecting back to nature in times of political and social turmoil. You have probably never realized how important the color of the year is.  It inspires everything […]

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