How Good Office Design Can Make You Happier At Work

Here are a few recent articles about the importance of good office design to keep employees, and YOU, happier at work.

  • A growing body of evidence suggests that designing spaces in specific ways—lights with precise color temperatures on the Kelvin scale, rooms with particular layouts—can trigger the brain’s release of dopamine, reports Fast Company.
  • Forbes takes a look at how U.S. workers and employers can co-design workplace technology.
  • Do you have arthritis? U.S. News explores how to design your workspace to ease the strain.
  • JLL shares how sustainability upgrades are driving a vacancy gap in offices.
  • Playfulness is the key to a dynamic office experience. Frame takes us on a tour of a Stockholm office that does just that.
  • Wallpaper shares the latest design trends and evolving ideas across the realm of office design to draw inspiration from.