How Vibe Managers Can Improve the Dynamic of the Workplace

This trendy new role could be your DREAM job

Several companies are raving over the new trend of having a vibe manager in the workplace. If this role has not been incorporated within your team, then this could be the piece of the puzzle you have been missing.

A vibe manager is an individual who is a self-starter and enjoys putting their creativity to the test. An ideal candidate for this type of role would be someone who is not afraid to get out of their comfort zone and enjoys setting big goals for themselves while creating a productive work environment for their team. Vibe Managers typically plan events that bring everyone together, making work a little more fun  supporting each other’s business goals. Some of the tasks a typical vibe manager is given would be organizing company gatherings, team outings, staff trips, and other professional development events.


This new trend of vibe managers started from the tech sector, an industry that considers workplace advantages and fun their top priority in recruiting and seeking new and savvy individuals to join the team. Vibe Managers are utilized mainly in a client-facing capacity at contemporary hotel chains such as Hard Rock and Viceroy.

Today in the workplace, Millennials prefer social interaction with their co-workers and in some cases, many are not socializing as much as they would like. Building relationships with the individuals at work is essential to a positive team environment and being able to relate to them on a personal level. Having a vibe manager does not in fact replace this element but only helps increase the team’s performance and boost the overall morale of the group.

Great style and effective design planning are strengthened by programming that brings individuals together to learn and grow as a team. A strong work environment will play a significant role in encouraging an entrepreneurial attitude that interests and keeps workers focused throughout the day. If there is any negative energy within a team, it can negatively impact the dynamic between the group and the overall production.


Having a vibe manager be part of the team is not a requirement but if increasing the energy level on your team is a necessity, a suggestion would be to consider taking the team to an organization that hosts motivational speaking events that share unique tips and strategies which could alter how your team has been operating if any changes need to be made. This kind of outing can boost a team’s morale and be a great way to learn and bounce ideas off of each other in a new setting.

In short, it is all about having a positive energy in the workplace and a vibe manager is only here to help. Consider hiring a candidate specifically for this role and see how this fun, new position can better YOUR team.

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